From Arrakis to Sicara

Founded in 2016, Sicara draws its name from Frank Herbert’s bestseller Dune. According to the science fiction novel, Spice, mined on the Arrakis planet, is the universe most valuable product as it gives the gift of prescience and allows interplanetary travels.

For us, data is spice. Valuable as it opens up unlimited perspectives.


What we accomplished in 2 years

100% annual growth

Maturity Audit, image recognition, AI, artificial intelligence

30 data projects

4 Ph.D hired


We provide Image Recognition with Impact

ROI-driven projects and solutions

At Sicara, our objective is to provide measured added-value to your image recognition projects on a daily basis.

Lead Time to Production

25% of AI projects are put into production. At Sicara, we put your project into production within 2 months, as a commitment to our agile methodology.

Team of Experts

Sicara's members are image recognition experts. We also demonstrate pragmatism and team spirit, deemed essential qualities to excel.

Our Founders

Pierre-Henri and Benoît met in 2014 at Theodo. After graduating from Ecole Polytechnique and receiving his PhD thesis in applied mathematics, Pierre-Henri became deputy CTO at Theodo in 2015. His passions for web development and mathematics led him towards Big Data and Machine Learning technologies. Meanwhile, as an EDHEC graduate and serial entrepreneur, Benoît started as an agile coach and business developper at Theodo.



Founder & CRO

Benoît created his first startup in 2012. After it failed, he started off at Theodo where he met Pierre-Henri, his future associate. Together, they launched Sicara in 2016, where they focus on AI.


Polytechnique, PhD


Pierre-Henri did a thesis in applied mathematics. Following his thesis, he joined Theodo where he became deputy CTO. In 2016, he co-founded Sicara with Benoît.

The M33 Startup Studio

Sicara is part of the M33 Startup Studio.

M33 is a startup incubator specialised in the creation of digital solutions for our clients.

Today, M33 encompasses 5 startups:






Image Recognition





Our Investors

Benoît Charles-Lavauzelle

Co-founder of Allomatch, Theodo and M33

After graduating from Ecole Polytechnique and HEC, he was the main protagonist in setting up Theodo’s characteristic culture and methodology. Once he developed Theodo commercially speaking, Benoît creates the M33 incubator in order to coach the executives of the startups part of M33 (Theodo, Theodo LTD in UK, BAM, Sicara and Sipios), find new commercial developments and help the launch of new startups. His expertises: Lean, Lean Startup, Lean Management

Fabrice Bernhard

Co-founder of Allomatch, Theodo and M33

After graduating from Ecole Polytechnique and ETH Zürich, he becomes CTO at M33 et improves the technical strategies of the M33 ecosystem. Fabrice is currently AFUP Chairman, the French association of PHP users, co-created AFSY, the Symfony French-speaking users association and organises the Devops-Paris MeetUps. His expertises: Complex architectures, Symfony, Devops, progressive design.


French Tech Entrepreneurs' Fund

ISAI gathers entrepreneurs who successfully created businesses in the IT, media, and mainly in the internet industry, who manage direct investments in digital companies. They aim to promote entrepreneurship and to support other entrepreneurs in launching and developping their startups.

Keensight Capital

European Growth Buyout Investor in IT and Healthcare

Keensight Capital is a European Growth Buyout investor with deep expertise in IT and Healthcare. Keensight Capital partners with the management teams of fast growing and profitable companies providing capital, strategic guidance and operational support.